Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Budget

Kalau da plan nak kahwin, da tentu la kita semua kena ada budget yang ikut kemampuan kn?

So, we are not rich.. *straight to the point* Hehe.. Oh! Definitely, we were working hard to earn & save money for the wedding.. I guess most of the couple these days.. struggling hard to save money for their 'dream wedding' rite? Byk yang kongsi - kongsi da.. for me, x de issue la wlpn kongsi.. Janji sefahaman.. = ) So far! Im proud with Fad.. Because he is really good in his financial management... So, my new azam ni!! Im goin to be good in financial too.. ; )

So, we trying to save, cut cost here and there.. Although both families haven't meet for kenal2 dan 'merisik' thing.. Fad and me decides to proceed with our 'skrip' proposal.. find the suitable location for nikah & reception.. and for the date too.. For nikah, kalau boleh nak buat kat masjid.. For reception, of course la dewan - dewan yang within our budget kn? And because Fad and me agree to have combination reception.. So, Halls with capacity of 600 - 700 seater (one time) would be perfect.. Buffet Style..

Btw, ni 'budget - budget' kasar:-

1) Halls, PA system, Table, Chair, Red Carpet - RM 2k - 4k

2) Catering - Max RM 10 - RM 12/pax

3) Door Gifts - Max RM 5/bag

4) Pelamin, Baju Nikah, Baju for Reception, Make up - RM 5k - 6k

5) Invitation Card - 50cent.. <boleh dpt x?>

6) Photographer - RM 2k <boleh dpt ke x/>

6) ..............coming soon.. mesti ada lagi ni.. apa ye?

Kalau boleh x nak la exceed RM 20k dari satu pihak.. Tapi.. Semua barang asas dah naik harga sekarang.. Definitely susah sikit nak dapat yang murah, cantik, dan berbaloi.. Ye la, most of the expenses will be on the catering part.. lagi ramai jemputan.. lagi 'ramai' la duit yang keluar... Hehe.. But, maybe we will try to cut cost on Pelamin thing and lebihkan pada catering.. So far, itu yang terfikir la..

Ok.. incik Fad, jom kita siapkan guest list ok.. By 15th Mac kita compare..

Tu je la for this entry.. InsyaAllah.. I'll write more on the details soon.. = )

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding mood Intro


So, I officially created a new blog for my wedding preparation.. It's quite late compare to others which already plan their wedding earlier.. I can say.. about a year ago..? Cool Huh? Huh! Definitely my one is sooo LATE! *nervous mode turn ON!

Ok.. Dont worry too much about the time for a while.. A bit introduction about me & Fad.. Im Alin. The owner of the blog. Fad is my beloved best friend who are goin to be my husband.. InsyaAllah.. We are planning to get marry this year.. But everything... I mean 'everything' ok guys.. Everything have not been setup yet.. Includes the 'merisik', 'tunang' and also the preparation laa.. 

Why? My parents already passed away and im the youngest one in family.. So, mmg susah la nak arrange the wedding things ni.. Im goin to get sick if im thinking too much about this.. Alhamdulillah, Fad still have their beloved parents who really concern about our wedding preparations.. Thank You makcik & pakcik.. Hehe.. 

So, we are planning to have one reception for both side.. Combine laa.. why?? Fad and me were ex colleague.. So, most of our friends are same.. So, there is no reason to spend our 100% saving for the double receptions rite? 

Ok. Ok.. The receptions thing is only a planning.. Although we try so hard to make it happen.. if GOD say NO.. That means  NO la kan? But TRY.. TRY.. and keep TRYING!!

So, first thing in mind is.. Where is the suitable location to have combine reception? Halls with air cond, parking lot and good facilities..? <Headache>

The date? Haha.. we are not fixed any yet.. It is depending to the availability of Halls.. As a guideline, we are planning to get marry in October.. or maybe November.. or maybe in December?? Unfortunately, all halls have been fully booked until the end of year! Dahsyatt kan? hehehe.. So, ada harapan untuk postponed laa.. xpun nikah dulu... hehe... 

memang pening.. But memang sekarang x nak pening2 fikir about the date dulu.. still searching for the halls.. InsyaAllah will found one.. N saya tengah pening macam mana nak temukan kedua - dua family.... Bila yang sesuai ni..