Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Gathering


Latest update.. Beep.. beepp.. Nothing much I guess.. It just a latest update on my family gathering. It is definitely about me.. Finally, I've got a attention here. "Hey! I want to get marry.. Can somebody help and guide me?" Hehehe.

-Sangat la pening kepala ok-

This time.. I do the talking.. haha.. I want to make the wedding simple (simple ke?), within the budget, and also a combination wedding. Alhamdulillah, so far semua agree. Every suggestion must comes with justification..  -What and why-

Our discussion covers:-
1. Date for 'merisik'
2. Halls for reception
3. Date for Nikah
4. Reception Date
5. Makan - makan after nikah
6. Door Gift

They agree the merisik day will be on a week I'm coming back to Malaysia. Actually it is more to 'suai kenal' session je.. Opp.. Oppss.. Coming back? Haha.. bunyi mcm la jauh benar kerjanya.. hehe.. Yup~ currently, I'm in Kaohsiung, Taiwan for training. 2 weeks je pun.. =P But, it's already make my tummy turn Upside down.. coz, it is April tomorrow!!

banyak benda x settle lagi.. haiiiihhh~

I really hope that everything gonna be OK.. worried. -__-!

wusSSsssAaaaaaa... relaxx! chill.. heehee..

ok la.. till we meet again ok? =P

Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi.. We meet again.. ; )

I'm quite busy lately.. with my new job.. yeah~ trying hard to cope with new environment, friends & new tasks.. Definitely it feels like 'First day in School' mode.. Smiling like the cat in Alice n wonderland.. sampai ke telinga.. but kucing tu agak seram yer tuan & puan.. tapi mcm tu la lagaknya.. Senyum!

Latest progress on our wedding arrangement.. Fad dapat booking hall dekat Bangi. Yipee! But then, im still not sure yet whether my family is OK with the Hall.. Distance? more than 10km from my house.. Da risau amat da ni.. Ye la.. I don't have parents.. Adik beradik ramai.. So, nak dapat approval dari adik beradik.. memang merisaukan yer.. 

We searching for halls yang 'win-win' locations.. Fad stays at Balakong while I stay at Maluri.. so, the perfect location is Bandar Tun Razak la.. But then, bila call DBKL.. Walllahhh~ the hall is fully booked until the end of year.. kan panic sekejap tuh.. (-_-)!

So, here the Halls that we've managed to survey.. 

1. DBKL (with air-cond) - 600 - 700 pax one time, No PA system, without table and chair, Price range: RM 500 - 600 for 5 hours. 

2. Dewan Centrum, Setiawanga - 1600 pax in one time, PA system, a lot of parking spaces, comes with catering & hall decoration packages. Starting with RM45k.

3. Dewan LJT, Melawati - RM 33/ pax for minimum 1000 guests. Dewan cantik. 

4. Wisma Sejarah - 600 - 700 pax in one time. Suitable for one side reception. Affordable. RM 600 - RM 1000 for rental. 

5. Dewan UTM, Jalan Semarak - RM 3000 for rental. Comes with catering packages. 

6. Dewan Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah - 1000 pax in one time. Near Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka, KL. Dewan cantik. RM 5000 for rental. Comes with catering packages.

7. Dewan Banquet UPM - 1300 pax in one time, comes with catering packages. 

8. MAEPS, Bangi - Suitable for outdoor wedding. Affordable. Comes with catering packages. 

9. Youth International Centre, Bandar Tun Razak - 1000 pax in one time. Ada parking. RM 33/pax, comes with catering packages. 

Itu la yang sempat saya tanya - tanya serta google.. Perasan tak satu perkara? Kebanyakkan dewan memang sekali dengan pakej - pakej katering..? So, kalau nak yang murah & ada pilihan catering sendiri.. U need to plan your wedding 1 tahun sebelum tarikh untuk Dewan Komuniti DBKL.. Itu pun, selalunya.. da ada orang booking.. maybe people use to do the reception at Halls these days.. So, takde la penat nak kemas rumah sangat...

Tak kisah la buat kat mana.. Yang penting meriah & within the budget.. Coz, after majlis.. adalah saat kritikal in terms of money la.. kan? 

Ok la.... That's all..

Till we meet again.. ; )